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Double Curve Aluminium Veneer
Double Curve Aluminium Veneer use high-grade aluminum alloy as the main material, through cutting, folding, bending arc, welding, reinforcement, polishing, painting and other processes to finished metal curtain wall products. The characteristics of Double Curve Aluminium Veneer determines its unusual production process. But it can be simply described as: to design a module according to the drawings hyperbolic, and then use the module open aluminum material, after welding, grinding, polishing, cleaning, painting, which made aminu hyperbolic alum veneer came out. Double Curve aluminum veneer products used for building lobbies, airports, railway stations, major public facilities, stadiums, buildings and other high-grade building national characteristics.
1, light weight, rigidity, and high strength
2, high cleaning. Since the fluorocarbon coating special molecular structure attached to the surface dust can not, so do not use special cleaning combined with ions and water contact surface tension technology, it has good self-cleaning
3, rich colors, good decorative effect. According to user needs, can be processed into a variety of geometric shapes, can be painted in different colors, and is the most advanced technology and equipment so that the spray coating uniformity, strong adhesion.
4, high weather resistance. Effective against acid rain, air pollution and ultraviolet erosion, protection of 10 years without fading, no peeling, no burst, not powder.
5, high strength: high quality aluminum alloy strength, and because of the opening by welding process, greatly improving the rigidity of the aluminum plate to ensure that the walls of the wind, earthquake, anti-water leakage, air infiltration prevention, lightning, impact effect. Aluminum veneer can be processed into different specifications of the plate, hyperbolic panels, profiled panels to be a variety of complex shapes, after sheet metal forming, surface treated, can be fluorocarbon coating, acrylic coating and powder coating, color can be arbitrarily selected fixed, widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration.
6, easy installation and fast. Aluminum veneer factory according to the drawings in any molding process, can be installed on-site
7, environmentally friendly products. Aluminium can be 100% recycled, unlike glass, ceramics, aluminum plate and other decorative materials.